Isaac Alipes

Isaac Alipes of Thrace, Olympic
Concept: A boy displaying some characteristics and quirks of Hermes.

Int -2 (+2) Per -3 (+1) Pre -3 (+1) Com -3 (+1) Str -3 (+1) Sta -2 (+2) Dex -4 (0) Qik -3 (+1)

Age: 8
Confidence: 1 (3)
Size: -2 (0)

Virtues & Flaws
MYTHIC BLOOD (Unknown, probably dragon-blooded; Power: Jump of the Olympic / Delusion: Son of the Olympic Hermes / Minor focus: displacement), Puissant Magic Theory, Inventive genius, Unaging, Improved characteristics , Puissant Stealth, Boundless Energy.
DRIVEN (major): Unify faerie and magic realms, DEFICIENT PERDO, TURBULENCE PRONE

Power: Jump of the Olympic (ReCo30)
R: Touch, D: Instant, T: Individual
Isaac can teleport (or make someone he touches teleport) up to 1 league at will.

Ancient Greek (academic) 4, Byzantine Greek (Koine) 5, Artes Liberales (geometry) 1 (5), Athletics (running) 2, Awareness (alertness) 2, Brawl 1, Charm 2, Folk Ken 1 (5), Magic Lore 0 (1) Order of Hermes Lore (Thebes) 2, Stealth 1+2 Teaching 1

A boy born from the raping of his mother by Bulgarian soldiers (according to the village men) or an intercourse with a huge golden ram (his mother's version), Isaac was a normal boy until he was 6. During those years his uncle took care of him as paterfamilias, and he smashed any ill rumors concerning him or his sister (Isaac's mother). When he was 6 he got in a fight with some other children, that surrounded him, only for him to thow another child more than a score feet through the air and disappear and appear in the other side of the village. This happened more than once, and then word "sorcery" started to go around the village. The villagers also said that he looked "funny". Ill mood and worse comments finally drove him and his family (uncle and mother) to Constantinople to find a cure for the new weird abilities of the kid.

Year Place Season Activity XP Notes
1191 Thermakopolis Autumn Ancient Greek 14 XP 2 XP in Artes Liberales
1192 Polyaigos Winter Ancient Greek 15 XP 2 XP in Artes Liberales
1192 Polyaigos Spring Stuff - 1 XP in Ancient Greek, 1 XP in Folk Ken
1192 Polyaigos Summer Ancient Greek (10) and Artes Liberales (5) 15 XP 2 XP in Folk Ken
1192 Polyaigos Autumn Ancient Greek (10) and Artes Liberales (5) 15 XP 2 XP in Folk Ken
1193 Polyaigos Winter OoH Lore 15 XP 1 XP in Artes Liberales, 1 XP in Magic Lore

Future Evolution:
Boundless energy —> Long Winded

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