Lena The Alchemist

Lena - advancement log
Lena - Aging

Character Sheet

Name: Lena the Alchemist
Player: temprobe
Characteristics: Int +3, Per -1, Pre 0, Com +1, Str 0, Sta 0, Dex +1, Qik 0
Size: 0
Age: 31 (Apparent 31)
Decrepitude: 0 (0)
Warping Score: 0 (0)
Confidence: 1 (3)
Magister in Artibus (Major)
Good Teacher (Minor)
Puissant Philosophae (Minor)
Linguist (Minor)
Failed Apprentice (Minor)
Mythic Alchemy (Major)
Jinxed (Minor)
Driven (Major)
Favors (Major)
Offensive to Animals (Minor)
Susceptible to Warping (Minor)
Poor Hearing (Minor)
Personality Traits: Daredevil +1, Curious +1, Remembers old slights +2, Perfectionist +2
Reputation: Insightful Natural philosopher +2
Familiar Bonds: N/A

Soak: 0
Fatigue: Ok, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20) Dead (21+)

Reagent Inventory: Cedar's Bath x1, Cedar's Treament x1, Amber Polishing Wool x1
** Combat Totals:**


Ability Specialization Score Total Exp. Notes
General Abilities
Arabic academic usage 5 75 Linguist
Area Lore - Alpine Tribunal legends 1 5 -
Area Lore - Roman Tribunal scholars / learning centers 1 5 -
Concentration lab work 1 5 -
Etiquette scholars 1 5 -
High German swiss 5 75 Linguist
Order of Hermes Lore history 1 5 -
Ride speed 1 5 -
Swim underwater 1 5 -
Teaching Philosophae 4 50 -
Academic Abilities
Artes Liberales astronomy 5 75 Latin, Greek, Arabic scripts; can learn 2 more
Dead Language - Ancient Greek academic usage 5 75 Linguist
Dead Language - Latin academic usage 5 75 Linguist
Philosophae reagents 6+2 105 Puissant
Theology - Pagan roman and greek cults 2 15 -
Arcane Abilities
Magic Theory enchanting items 4 58 -
Martial Abilities
Thrown Weapon Reagents 5 75 -
Supernatural Abilities
Mythic Alchemy Enhancing matter 5 77


Name Type Level Description Lab Text? Notes Vis / dose
Smoke Oil Reagents 10 A&A p. 76 No Base 3, +1 Minor, +2 Size 0
Vitriol Reagents 15 A&A p. 76 No Base 5, +2 Sub 0
Lapis Maior Reagents 15 HMRE p. 81 No Base 5, +2 Sub 3 Vim or Terram
Cedar's Bath Reagents 10 This recipe produces a slightly acid yellow liquid in which a piece of cedar can be immersed to enhance its magical property towards effects with an Herbam requisites by +1 (for a total of +6). The acid will react contact with the cedar wood, as the transformation occurs, gradually losing color and becoming colorless once inert. This reaction doesn't otherwise impact the wood's natural color. The reagent recipe produces enough liquid in which a 1 inch thick, 4 foot 2 inch long staff can be immersed - or an equivalent volume of cedar broken down in small parts. Yes Base 5, +1 Minor 0
Cedar's Treament Reagents 10 This recipe produces a water-based substance which can be painted onto cedar wood to enhance its magical property towards effects with a Mentem requisites by +1 (for a total of +6). The treament doesn't otherwise prevent oiling or painting the wood. The reagent recipe produces enough treament to coat a 1 inch thick, 4 foot 2 inch long staff - or an equivalent volume of cedar wood. Yes Base 5, +1 Minor 0
Amber Polishing Wool Reagents 10 When this wool-like substance is rubbed over Amber, it's inherent magical properties towards "controlling movement" is enhanced by +1 (to +4 total). Each recipe produces enough wool to polish up to 50 ambers of 1 cubic inch. Yes Base 5, +1 Minor 0

Philosophical Laboratory

Type of Lab: Artes Liberales and Philosophae

Attribute Score Note Relevant Virtues
Size +1 - -
Occupied Size +1 Size - Virtue + Flaw - Refinement -
Refinement 0 Max = Lowest of Artes Liberales or Philosophae -3 -
General Quality 0 - -
Upkeep -2 Base Upkeep -3 for Philosophical Lab Dedicated Building +1
Safety 0 Refinement - Occupied Size Superior Construction +1
Warping 0 - -
Health 0 - -
Aesthetics +3 - Superior Construction +1, Auspicious Shape +1, Dedicated Building +1
Astronomy 0 - -
Reagents +1 - Auspicious Shape +1 (in lieu of Vim)
Vis Extraction - - -
Virtues 1 Max = Size + Refinement + Flaw Auspicious Shape (1), Dedicated Building (0), Superior Construction (0)
Flaws 0 - -


1199: Lena was born in a small town to the east of Zurich.
1207: She was found as an apprentice in the Alpine Tribunal, by a member of House Bonisagus who was associated with the Lyceum.
1210: After receiving a period of education into Latin and Greek by the covenfolk of his mentor, Lena had her arts opened and became an apprentice.
1216: Lena had her gift badly damaged during the backlash of a perdo vim experiment she was assisting her mentor with - enough to lose her ability to learn and manifest the arts. Her innate supernatural skills into alchemy survived the backlash. Suffice it to say, the relationship suffered, and Lena wasn't too willing to serve as his lab assistant anymore.
1217: Her mentor lost interest in her since she refused to work with him in the lab. A fellow member of House Bonisagus, of Trianoma lineage, possibly slightly guilt-driven to see a member of her House leave her to fend for herself after accidentally destroying her gift helped her get in contact with the redcaps to see who in the order who find her skills valuable. This is how Lena came into contact with Anastasia and Guida.
1218: Lena entered the university of Bologna on referral from Guida. Anastasia's covenant provided her with some funds during her scholarship studies, on the notion that an educated lab assistant would prove useful.
1226: Lena completed the eight years of university and mandatory teaching period, earning her rights as a Magister in Artibus.
1224-1228: During the two years of her mandatory regency, Lena spent her free time receiving private tuition into the secrets of Mythic Alchemy by the reknowned alchemist previously met by Anastasia on her journey to Italy. Anastasia's covenant wouldn't pay the excessive fees charged by the alchemist for the privilege of private tuition - and Lena still owes Favors for the teaching.

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