Oscen At Gauntlet

Character Sheet

Name: Oscen Ilfetwis, Of House Bjornaer
Player: John H Haines
Characteristics: Int +2, Per +0, Pre +2, Com +4, Str -2, Sta +1, Dex +0, Qik +0
Size: -1
Age: 24
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0 (0) Magic: 0 (0); Fairie: 0 (0); Divine: 0 (0); Infernal: 0 (0)
Confidence: 1 (3)
Spell Sigil: Birdsong
Voting Sigil: Roughly Carved Nightingale Statue
Personality Traits: Compassionate +3, Gregarious +2, Angry +1
Twilight Scars: None
Reputation: None

Soak: +1
Fatigue: OK | 0 | -1 | -3 | -5 | Out
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-4), -3 (5-8), -5 (9-12), Incapacitated (13-16), Dead (17+)

Equipment: Simple Robes, Loose Paper, Charcoal Stubs
Encumbrance: 0 (0)

Magic Resistances: Animal 10, Aurum 6, Corpus 14, Herbam 10, Ignem 6, Imaginem 7, Metem 8, Terram 6, Vim 8

Virtues & Flaws

Virtue Level Type Notes
The Gift Free General
Hermetic Magus Free Social
Free Expression Minor General
Good Teacher Minor General
Great Communication Minor General
Improved Characteristics Minor General
Affinity for Intellego Minor General
Clan Ilfetu Minor Hermetic
Heartbeast Minor Hermetic Nightingale
Inoffensive to Animals Minor Hermetic
Quiet Magic Minor Hermetic
Skilled Parens Minor Hermetic
Subtle Magic Minor Hermetic
Flaw Level Type Notes
Small Frame Minor General
Blatant Gift Major Hermetic
Compassionate Major Personality
Favors Major Story Debt related to prior study of a "Great Work"


(Early Childhood 45 + Later Life 60 +Apprenticeship 120 + Clan Ilfetu 50 (Limited) + Skilled Parens 50 =325)

Ability Specialization Score Spent Exp. Notes
General Abilities
Animal Handling Birds & Falconry 2 15
Awareness In The Wilderness 2 15
Charm Children 1 5
Folk Ken Peasants 1 5
Guile Lies of Omission 1 5
Native Language: Low German Sung 5 Free
Profession: Scribe Original Texts 2 15
Survival Deep Forests 2 15
Teaching One-on-one 3 30
Academic Abilities
Artes Liberales Music 2 15
Dead Language: Gothic Rituals 3 30
Dead Language: Latin Hermetic 5 75
Philosophiae Ritual Magic 1 5
Arcane Abilities
Code of Hermes Apprentices 1 5
Finesse Intellego 1 5
House Bjornaer Lore Historical Magi 1 5
Magic Lore Great Beasts 2 15
Magic Theory Herbam 4 50
Order of Hermes Lore Personalities 1 5
Parma Magica Corpus 1 5
Penetration Intellego 1 5

Hermetic Arts

(Standard 120 xp + Skilled Parens 10 xp = 130 xp)

Hermetic Arts Score Spent Exp. Notes
Creo 3 6
Intellego 10 37(55.5) Affinity
Muto 3 6
Perdo 1 1
Rego 6 21
Animal 5 15
Auram 1 1
Aquam 1 1
Corpus 4 10
Herbam 5 15
Ignem 1 1
Imaginem 2 3
Mentem 3 6
Terram 1 1
Vim 3 6


(150 Levels, Max Level is 9 + Technique + Form (+1 for Herbam).)

Spell Level Arts Base Effect Range Duration Target Casting Bonus Description Mastery Abilities
Call of the Rushing Water 15 Intellego Aquam 2 Arcane Connection Concentration Individual +12 Find a natural body of water the caster has an Arcane Connection to.
Circle of Beast Warding 5 Rego Animal 1 Touch Ring Circle +12 The caster inscribes a circle that no normal beast will cross
Conjure the Sturdy Vine 5 Creo Herbam 1 Voice Sun Individual +9 Grow 10 paces of vine from a moderate quantity of wood or from fertile soil.
Converse with Plant and Tree 25 Intellego Herbam 15 Touch Concentration Individual +16 Speak with a plant for one conversation.
Dance of the Staves 5 Rego Herbam 3 Voice Momentary Individual +12 Cause a pole, staff, haft, or any other long, thin, non-living wooden object to lash about wildly.
Doublet of Impenetrable Silk 15 Muto Animal 4 Touch Sun Individual +9 The caster's touch renders something made of animal material impossible to cut or penetrate.
The Ear for Distant Voices 20 Intellego Imaginem 1 Arcane Concentration Room +13 Hear what is happening in the place you designate.
Image of the Beast 5 Intellego Animal 1 Arcane Connection Momentary Individual +16 Gain a hazy mental image of an animal the caster has an Arcane Connection to.
Intuition of the Forest 10 Intellego Herbam 1 Touch Sun Group +16 The caster engages in communion with the woods they are in.
Hunt for the Wild Herb 5 Intellego Herbam 2 Personal Concentration Smell +16 Smell one sort of plant and follow the scent as long as the caster can concentrate
Posing the Silent Question 20 Intellego Mentem 15 Eye Momentary Individual +14 Ask one silent mental question of a target, then detect the answer.
Prying Eyes 5 Intellego Imaginem 1 Touch Concentration Room +13 You can see inside a room, as long as you can touch one of its walls.
Whispering Winds 15 Intellego Aurum Unique Sight Concentration Individual +13 Hear words spoken by any group of people within line of sight.


Oscen Ilfetwis, christened Petrus, was the child of woodcutters. Always small and slight, he had no ease of making friendships as a child but was exceedingly comfortable with animals. Briefly apprenticed to a local hunter and falconer before being discovered by the magi of House Bjornaer, he was a chatty child despite the numerous times his attempts to make friends were destroyed by his growing Gift.

At the age of 9 he was taken in by House Bjornaer. When he quickly displayed an aptitude and love for teaching (caught attempting to tutor the covenant's children in reading and writing), his sleeping years were spent with a Sept of Clan Ilfetus, who saw him as a natural fit for that clan. During this period he first encountered the concept of a "Great Work" when his sept traveled to visit a nearby covenant that was devoted to the construction and cultivation of a living text to Herbam magic. Fascinated by this labyrinthine garden and its lessons, Oscen began to daydream and aspire to creating some similar great work some day, though he knows this is a distant dream if it is to ever be realized. It was perhaps his good fortune to be brought into the clan a scant three years prior to the Gathering of Twelve Years in 1215, where he became not merely an awakened apprentice, but apprentice to the much respected Clan Chief of Ilfetu, Ardea. The following years saw him learning and growing under her tutelage, embracing her philosophies and teachings whole-heartedly.

Gauntleted in 1225, he has grand aspirations, serious frustrations, and no real place in the Order outside of House Bjornaer…

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